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Important studiu despre Indici de vulnerabilitate la inundatii

Doamna Ștefania Balica, doctor inginer în cadrul Departamentului Strategie și Managementul Schimbării din cadrul Companiei Aquatim, este autoarea unui important studiu despre Indici de vulnerabilitate la inundatii, studiu care poate fi accesat aici:

Flood Vulnerability Indices (FVI)

Flood Vulnerability

Defining vulnerability can help us understand the best ways to reduce it. The main objective to assess vulnerability is to inform decision-makers or specific stakeholders about options for adapting to the impact of flooding hazards (Douben, 2006b). The need for vulnerability analysis is noted in scientific literature, and the concept includes natural vulnerability, social vulnerability and economic vulnerability.
What is Vulnerability?
The notion to vulnerability has changed over the last 20 years.

Vulnerability is considered in the study of Flood Vulnerability Index (FVI) as the extent of harm, which can be expected under certain conditions of exposure susceptibility and resilience.


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